Summer is Here! Crowds and Congestion Expected in Raglan

If the weather is anything to go by, summer is here, visitors are here for the summer holidays and after two years of pandemic restrictions, it’s fair to say that locals can expect a full-on summer in our little town.

“Raglan will be busy,” reiterated Raglan Community Board Chair Dennis Amoore.

“There will be the usual congestion and challenges around parking. Advice to locals is to perhaps try and go to the supermarket early in the morning when it is less crowded,” he said.

Community Board Having a Break

With the next Raglan Community Board Meeting set for February 2023, Dennis hopes to enjoy some time in Australia over the break but also “expects a few calls here and there” from community members.


Listen to the full interview below:



Safe Boating

The word on the street is that the “fishing is good” and Dennis reminds boaties to use all the tools available to them to ensure they stay safe on the water following a boating accident earlier this month, where a boat flipped in the water after attempting to launch from the Manu Bay boat ramp in bad weather conditions.

“Make sure you take the conditions and your skills into account. Ask the locals or call the sports fishing guys and get some advice,” he says, adding that the rescue crews responding to accidents put their lives at risk and to be considerate of putting yourselves in a situation where you require help.

The Coastguard also runs a ‘bar watch’ so if you have concerns crossing the Raglan bar, you can call in through the marine radio (Channel 2) and they will keep an eye out until they receive confirmation that you have crossed safely.

Work at the Wharf On Hold

Over at the wharf, you can expect the usual congestion with all sorts of visitors frequenting the popular spot over summer. Council will be stopping construction at the wharf for the next three weeks and are working on clearing away the scaffolding and restoring access to the dolphin before they go on break.

Swim Between the Flags

Wainui Reserve is a popular beach location but can be a dangerous swimming location with aggressive rips and sand bars so make sure you always swim between the flags.

Paid lifeguards will be patrolling the Ngarunui Beach between 10am-7pm on weekdays and public holidays with volunteer lifeguards patrolling 10am-5pm during weekends.

Extra lifeguards will also be patrolling the beach during Soundsplash Festival on 20, 21 and 22 January. Overflow parking for beachgoers will be available on the paddocks at Wainui Reserve on busy days when the main car park is full (but not during Soundsplash weekend.)

Freedom Camping

With more visitors come freedom campers and we can expect to see more freedom campers parked up in various locations throughout Raglan over the coming  months.

The council have employed a Freedom Camping Ambassador who will be visiting campers throughout the season to enforce rules and Dennis says that if you have any concerns about Freedom Camping in Raglan to submit your feedback to the Freedom Camping Bylaw 2023 pre-engagement which is open now.

You can see a map of locations in Raglan that allow freedom camping and provide feedback by following this link:

Liquor Ban and Safety

Waikato District Council Events Officer Resa Mutanu dropped by the studio to let people know that the Raglan CBD area is covered by a 24/7, 365 days a year alcohol ban in public places.  

From 23 December until 6 January, this alcohol ban extends to all public places 24/7.  This covers every public place including all streets, all beaches and all reserves.  

“Possessing or consuming alcohol in these areas during the liquor ban will result in a fine. Let’s help out the Police by being a good citizen,” said Resa, adding that even if you are in your car, if you are found to be consuming alcohol, you will be fined and alcohol potentially confiscated.

Check out for more on this - spray painted signs on footpaths can be seen on the edges of the Raglan CBD reminding people of the liquor ban.

Lorenzen Bay Rd Walkway

Council has been looking at changing the location of the Lorenzen Bay Walkway that connects Cambrae Rd to Lorenzen Bay due to flooding and erosion in low-lying areas.

A new walkway has been proposed on a slightly steeper location close to the existing walkway.

Both Dennis and Cr Lisa Thomson have walked the old and new walkways and see potential issues with the proposed walkway, including the fact that the new walkway would affect the view and privacy of five existing properties and that it would cost more to build a new walkway rather than just repairing the old one.

Raglan Stormwater - The recent treated wastewater discharge has been attributed to a number of things, mainly the sheer amount of rainfall we experienced, but there are some reports of older houses still having their stormwater connected to the wastewater network.

While it is unclear how much these old connections are contributing to the overflowing of the wastewater network, Dennis says that, “Moving forward it is something we need to address.

Manu Bay Breakwall - A report was expected back to council in mid January but we have been advised this has been delayed and will now be March before we can expect it which is extremely disappointing.

Signing off for the year, Dennis asks locals to be patient over the busy summer and to “Stay safe” while wishing everyone “all the best for the New Year.”