Code of conduct

Mission Statement: To entertain, to inform and to support all of the people within our community.

Raglan Community Radio is a voluntary organisation relying on its members to maintain certain standards of behaviour and performance to reach the public through its radio broadcasts.

Members of Raglan Community Radio Inc. who take a position as a radio announcer are required to be aware of and to understand the following rules and abide by them at all times. In general terms announcers shall act in a manner consistent with the mission statement & objectives of Raglan Community Radio Inc and shall not act in any way prejudicial to the viability and integrity of Raglan Community Radio Inc. Any breach reported to the committee may result in the announcer being suspended until such time as the matter can be discussed with and considered by the committee. Serious breaches may result in a permanent suspension of the announcer’s membership and broadcast rights.

  1. In conjunction with the Radio Code of Broadcasting Practice, standards of broadcast between the hours of 7.00am and 8:30pm shall be of a level that caters to the general community. The choices of music, issues and language shall reflect that standard. No explicit or offensive language shall be broadcast during this time.
  2. Standards of broadcast outside of the hours of 7.00am to 8:30pm shall meet the requirements of the Radio Code of Broadcasting Practice, which is on display in the studio.
  3. Announcers shall be current financial members.
  4. Announcers shall not, under any circumstances, drink alcohol, take drugs or smoke in the studio nor eat food or drink over the equipment. Animals are also not permitted in the studio at any time.
  5. DJs cannot speak on behalf of the station when on-air or at any other time.
  6. No one under the age of 14 shall be allowed in the studio unless supervised by a parent or agreed caregiver.
  7. The announcers shall respect the contents of the studio and the Town Hall at all times, report any damage or loss to the committee and leave the studio in a tidy state. All rubbish is to be removed from the studio at the end of the shift.
  8. Announcers shall respect other announcers, shall not engage in physical or provocative acts towards other announcers, nor shall in any way interfere with the legitimate broadcast of any other announcer.
  9. Under no circumstances must a key be passed on to a 3rd party, including other DJs, unless authorised by the Station Manager.
  10. Announcers shall fulfil RCR contractual obligations to advertisers. Community notices and trailers are to be broadcast in accordance with the guidelines set by the Committee.
  11. Announcers shall inform a committee member and/or station manager, as soon as possible if they are unable to make their scheduled broadcast. An announcer missing two consecutive scheduled broadcasts without good reason shall be considered to be in breach of this code.
  12. Any messages received during a broadcast shall be noted in full and passed on to the appropriate person as soon as possible.
  13. After completing a show the announcer must ensure that the Zara Radio program is playing, that the windows are shut, the doors are locked, the sign is brought in, and other items on the exit list posted by the door are carried out. They are also to sign the diary with the time duration of their show also included.
  14. Announcers shall be available for training in the use of studio equipment and studio protocols as required by the committee.
  15. DJs are also bound by the policies of RCR Inc.