Raglan News Bulletin Friday 8th July 2022


Waikato District Council is increasing the rates by 3.5% this year. This decision was originally made when council approved the ten year long term plan in 2021 but it’s  possible that the rate could have gone up more than that anyway, luckily council were able to stick with their original plan - which the Mayor has described as a major win.


The decision came as part of the 2022/23 Annual Plan which will see dedicated money being spent on things like roading bridges, 3 waters, website portals and maintenance to libraries.


The kid’s soccer fields are flooded once again after a heavy night’s rain combined with the return of a long standing maintenance issues at Papahua. Water is currently being pumped from the Campground onto the sandbank next to the soccer fields which is then flooding down onto the grounds.  The extra supply of water has caused the worst flooding on the fields in at least 5 years and will almost certainly cause the cancellation of kids sport on Saturday. 


In local sport the Roosters Football team  have a home game scheduled at 1pm at Papahua against Sunday League bottom-dwellers Papanasti. They might be able to hold the match as the adult pitch is in the driest part of the park but further rain may change that. Elsewhere the Raglan Rugby team will be up against it as they play the unbeaten Old Boys Guzzlers side in the division 2 semi final. The game will be played in Hamilton on Fred Jones field at 2:45 on Saturday.

That is the Raglan news for Friday 8th July 2022.