July 27th Raglan Community Board Meeting Agenda by Whāingaroa Environmental Defence


The next Board meeting is Wed 27 July at 1.30pm in the Town Hall Supper Room. The public forum will be part of the formal meeting, giving the usual opportunity to discuss issues. You might prefer to email the Community Board members:- Chris Rayner, Dennis Amoore, Gabrielle Parson, Kiri Binnersley, Lisa Thomson, Satnam Bains and Tony Oosten.

Wednesday's agenda continues to lack information, which I’ve highlighted in orange, but includes -

  1. Waikato District Council Executive Update This is a new heading on the agenda, with a verbal report. Onewhero had one last month.
  2.  Wharf Structural Repairs, Pontoons and WalkwaysHEB Construction . . . $3,498,163 for . . . Structural Repairs . . . Eastern Walkway, Gangway and Floating Pontoon . . . some of the safety improvement works e.g. balustrade . . . works unable to be funded include the Western Walkway. Resource consent submitted to WDC "two . . . pōhutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa) and are 'notable'. The trunks of these trees are on private property, . . . To facilitate the pathway some branches need to be removed . . . clearance is needed to allow use of the proposed walkway. . . The position of the floating dock and jetty on the eastern side of the wharf . . . was the location the community preferred, identified through consultation." Were you consulted? Page 62 has illustrations of what's planned, showing a bridge to a pontoon for one boat. The boat ramp will remain open at all times, but it doesn't mention if the beach will.
  3.  Soundsplash 18-25 Jan - “charged $1000 per day including set up and pack down. All fees are put back into the reserve for future developments in alignment with the Reserve Management Plan . . . Pre and post inspection will take place to ensure that there is no direct cost to rate payers for repairs . . . Aerodrome has also been applied for use during the event period. Council anticipates they will not be granting landowner approval . . . risks to potential swimmers . . . a work in progress and further updates can be provided . . . capacity study is due for completion July 2022”.
  4.  Alcohol Policy RCB put in a submission that 1am closing time should be reviewed.
  5.  Wi Neera Walkway “to produce scope for delivery by Community Projects Team.
  6. Coastal reservesstakeholder meeting. This is planned for September.
  7.  Manu Bay Breakwater – meeting on 30 May. “scope to engage coastal engineering experts to provide peer reviewed options for Breakwater improvements. This is being reviewed by the Forum members to provide feedback by 31 July”.
  8. Orca crossingPlans will be drawn up and brought back to the Board/community”.
  9. Footpath/cycleway. Greenslade Footpath - community planting day to be arranged.
  10. Local bus RCB will support consultation and work with WDC and WRC to frame up the service.
  11. Civil Defence Cr Thomson to provide an update . . . Ongoing
  12. Raglan Naturally verbal report.
  13. Service Request report is down to 84.11% from 86.46%, including 2 aggressive dogs not dealt with on time and 7 environmental health.
  14. Rangitahi proposed road names - Koohunga St, Taeore La, Waipatukahu La.
  15. Discretionary fund has $9,123.67.

These council items are not on RCB's agenda -

no swimming or shellfish collecting 11/6 - Due to the excessive rainfall over the past 24 hours and stormwater infiltration into our wastewater ponds

$1 million of Tourism money for Raglan Town to Surf $2 million path July 5, 2022 WDC news

$965,000 will complete the Town2Surf shared cycle path to connect Raglan town centre via the pedestrian bridge, Campground, Marine Pde, Wainui Rd to Wainui Reserve and its internal footpaths to the beach and mountain bike park. Not mentioned is how cycles will cross Aerodrome Bridge, or get from Wainui Rd to the beach.

Rockit-Poihakena section has been partly built – now delayed for resource consent.