Raglan News Bulletin Wednesday 28 September 2022

After a few days of difficulty it’s finally possible to do your special votes at the local council office from Monday to Friday. If you haven’t received your voting pack for the local body elections in the mail by now the official advice is to go to your local council office but unfortunately the Raglan office didn’t get the correct forms until yesterday afternoon. Things are up and running now with staff just reminding people to bring a form of ID with them.

Voting papers were in the post from Friday 16th and while some have been returned the official tally is lagging behind previous years by a significant margin at this stage of the voting period. At the 2016 and 2019 elections over 11% of the vote had been returned but the current tally is running at just over 6% for the Waikato District. Voting closes on 8th October.

Don't forget roads will be closed this Friday for the Rally. Bow St and Wainui Rd between the Bankart st roundabouts will be closed from 10am to 6pm as the cars will be coming to the middle of town for a fuel stop and photo op. 

The Whaanga Coast section of the Rally will cause road closures from 6:30am to 5:30pm round the mountain for Whaanga Road, Waimaori Rd, Tuturimu Rd, Matawha Rd and Ruapuke Rd from the Tuturimu intersection. Several Roads around Te Akau will also be closed for the day

And RATs tests are still available in Whaingaroa although the pick-up point has changed from the Foodbank to the Community House where they can be picked up from 9:30 to 3:30, Monday’s to Friday’s, not including public holidays. If you think you’re symptomatic with Covid 19 however, staff are asking that you send in a friend of family member to pick up the test

In local sport the Raglan Roosters have won the Waikato Sunday League division 1 title but in the most underwhelming way possible. After one team pulled out of the competition and 2 others put in several defaults in a row the Rooster capped it off by defaulting their last game but still beating the other remaining team for the title because of their superior goal difference.  

And that is the Raglan news for wednesday 28th September 2022