Heavy Rainfall Leads to Controlled Discharge of Treated Wastewater


Heavy rain earlier in the week led to a decision by council to discharge treated wastewater into the harbour and a no swimming and no shellfish collecting notice has been issued as a precautionary measure.


The volume of rain water meant that there was an increased risk of untreated wastewater spilling out into the environment and the council took action to prevent this from happening by instigating a controlled release of fully treated wastewater into the incoming tide.


(Listen to the full interview below:)


This is not the standard approach for releasing wastewater but has been allowed in the council’s  consent with Waikato Regional Council due to the unprecedented levels of rainfall and stormwater infiltration (runoff) into the wastewater ponds.

Councillor Lisa Thomson said that while the situation was not ideal, situations like these called for a course of action that would cause the least amount of damage to the environment.

The recommendation of no swimming and no shellfish collecting is applicable until Saturday 16 July at 6am.

Nominations for Local Elections Open Today

While voter turnout for local body elections has historically been low, recent changes to the Raglan Community Board area, the addition of two Māori wards and the incumbent Mayor on his way out,  this year’s elections could provide a shakeup in the Waikato district.

“Democracy is really important and I encourage people to get out and vote,” says Lisa who plans to stand again for the Raglan Ward Councillor position.

The decisions made at the local government level have a big impact on our lives, whether the issues are around climate change, housing or infrastructure. Lisa says that Raglan has the highest participation rate in the district with about 42% of residents turning up to vote while the rest of the district sits around 33%.

“That’s the challenge for Local Government, to get people to participate,” says Lisa.

Whether you are thinking of standing or just want to exercise your right to vote, she suggests checking out the Waikato District Council website for information around enrolling and nominations.

Community Health Forum

The Community Health Forum was held in Raglan on Thursday with representatives from the health authorities attending to discuss local health issues and to give updates on the new health authority.

Issues discussed involved vaccinations, breast cancer and bowel screening services, long waits for elective surgeries and the lack of rural GPs.

Recent changes to the health system have seen the new health authorities, Te Whatu Ora  - Health New Zealand and Te Aka Whai Ora  - Māori Health Authority launched this month amid challenging conditions with hospitals under pressure from a winter surge of illness.

Locally in Raglan there have been suggestions to hold a Community Health Expo event where residents can turn up to access health services from eye and ear tests, breast cancer and bowel screening as well as a range of other services.

Community Wellbeing Connector

Following on from the successful handover of the RAT collection service from the DHB to Raglan Naturally, they are now on the hunt for a person to fill a part-time Community Wellbeing  Connector role.

The role aims to support the Whāingaroa community and those that need help while isolating from Covid and helping to assess the diverse welfare needs that may come up.

Lisa says that we are lucky to have services available to us whether it was the Covid support line, Marae collective support services, Raglan Medical, Raglan Community House or foodbank, we have a range of accessible services that have been put in place thanks to having an engaged community.

The next Raglan Community Board Meeting is on July 27 at the Town Hall supper rooms with the community forum starting at 1.30pm.