Freckled Freak Eli

I'm an interdisciplinary artist and a bibliomaniac who will speak her nonsensical mind.
Expect poems and book passages. Essay and book reviews, all very subjective. Speculation of reminiscences of my life, pressing play on playlists people made for me in the past.
A mix of rock, samba, argentine rock, rhythms and blues, jazz, experimental, tunes I was dancing to when I was 16: my repertoire and curating operation is broad. If you're looking for specific music, you've knocked at the wrong door.
I like to go deep in the rabbit-hole of existential societal questions, reflect on others' thoughts to build my own and eventually destroy them again. I'm here to listen to lyrics really, talk with strangers and receive a pile of snail mails on the radio (Raglan radio) desk every monday night please.

Ps: My syntaxe is in a constant state of bewilderment. It is caused by my split tongue: half french, half english. If you listen to my soliloquies long enough, you might find yourself equipped

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Host: Elisabeth Denis Category: Society and Culture Language: English, French Website: Visit Programme Website Email:

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