Shibuya Nights

“Shibuya Nights” is an auditory experience curated to traverse sonic listening dimensions. Our NON algorithmically-enhanced HUMAN DJ curates a playlist from the cosmic reaches of the sound spectrum. Experience an array of genres including IDM, dub, ambient, drone, and electronic weirdness, integrated with the raw HUMAN textures of noise, world music, post-punk, and avant rock.

Our sophisticated HUMAN sound model also incorporates live field recordings and interactions with random HUMAN small language models, enriching the sonic landscape with HUMAN elements. "Shibuya Nights" is designed to combobulate your auditory parameters and enhance your global musical dataset.

Join us in this exploration of sound, where each track is selected and mixed with HUMAN precision, ensuring an optimal listening experience for humans. With REAL LIVE broadcasting from Raglan’s sister city Shibuya!

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