Internal Raglan Bus Gets the Green Light


A two-year trial for an internal Raglan bus has got the go ahead with funds allocated from the Waikato District Long Term Plan to provide better connectivity for members of our community. The service would see a 12-seater bus or something similar doing a loop of the town every hour or so with stops in the CBD as well as the beaches and surf points.

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This new bus service is aimed at providing alternate transport options, connecting the community and alleviating parking in town. Councillor Lisa Thomson says that Raglan Community Board staff have met with council staff to see what engagement would look like for the community to ensure the service is taken up.

“This is the first trial for the council. As a community, we have to use the service or we may lose it after the trial,”she said. 

Funding to Extend Walkways

Locals can expect to see more upgrades to the Raglan West walkways that stretch from Papahua out to Rock-it thanks to a successful application for funding to the Tourism Infrastructure Fund.

The cycle and walkways at Papahua continue towards the Raglan township and the footpaths on Marine Parade are expected to be upgraded too. More work is also planned to widen the footpaths heading from Raglan West to Rock-it and beyond - eventually providing connectivity through to Wainui Reserve.

Erosion at Papahua

Recent storm surges and wild weather has put the spotlight on coastal erosion and Councillor Lisa is particularly concerned about the erosion seen around the urupa at Papahua domain near the boat ramp.

With the water table being very close to the surface, rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions, all affecting the landscape, Lisa says that we need to start thinking about putting plans in place to address these environmental effects.

“What does it look like if we have to move?” says Lisa recognising the need for a retreat strategy should the situation arise.

Lisa also mentions that the old walk bridge had a groyne at the base which, since being taken away, has made the erosion worse so another option could be reinstating a similar structure but the funding would need to come from a future Long Term Plan funding round.

Recent storm surges have also dramatically changed the landscape at Ngarunui Beach with wild weather taking away a significant part of the bank and plantings. Coastal restoration programme Coast Care were in town to clean up the fore-dune fences that had been blown over. These fences usually protect the sand-binding grasses that are planted to keep the dunes in place.

Local Elections - Nominations Open this Month

Nominations for local elections open July 15 with the council already running information evenings for potential candidates.

Cr Lisa says that the Raglan Community Board is proactive, involved and hardworking, resulting in the board being one of the most engaged in the district. Having an engaged and active board has meant a number of opportunities have arisen for Raglan including the changing of the RCB  boundaries and a number of successful funding applications.

“Take some time to read over the agendas and familiarise yourself with how this all works. There’s lots of agendas to read. Do your homework so that when you get elected you’re going to be equipped with some knowledge.” says Lisa for those thinking of standing.

From her own experience, Lisa says that managing and maintaining relationships is really important if you want to be effective in the local government space. Working with all kinds of people from different backgrounds means looking at how you can work together despite your differences.

Raglan Area School had their new buildings in E block blessed by local kaumatua and have also had new asphalt installed at the junior school courts.

The Raglan Wharf contract for work has now been awarded and construction is expected to begin soon.

Rick Thorpe, one of the founding members of Xtreme Zero Waste, has retired from his position this week after 24 years of service to the resource recovery centre and the wider community. A true community stalwart, his retirement signals a change of guard at Xtreme Zero Waste.