Police to address CBD security at Board Meeting Wednesday


With the incidence of local crime on the rise, Senior Constable Andrew Murphy from the Raglan Police team is expected to present a proposal at the next Raglan Community Board meeting addressing security improvements in town.


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Raglan Community Board Chairperson Gabrielle Parson says that the draft proposal she has seen includes revising the existing CCTV coverage and also adding new tools such as automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) technology.

The proposal addresses community security as a whole and will break down the cost and lay out a plan for next steps. Gabrielle encourages community members, particularly business owners, to attend the meeting which will be held at the Raglan Town Hall Supper Room on Wednesday 15 June at 1:30pm.

Greenslade Road Intersection

There are still no works planned on the notoriously dangerous Greenslade Rd intersection. A mixture of high speeds and a concealed road creates a hair-raising experience for motorists using SH23 and residents using Greenslade Rd.  

Gabrielle says that her communication with Waka Kotahi refers to an upcoming Waikato West Speed Consultation to provide feedback on the intersection; however, progress appears to be slow with no current works planned.

According to Waka Kotahi, there is an existing ‘concealed intersection’ sign that warns motorists of the turn off. Not only is the turn off hidden, the Greenslade Rd intersection can have a line of cars waiting to turn into the road and community members have previously said that a sign warning drivers of a hidden queue would be more appropriate.

Three Waters Reform

As discussions around the Three Waters reform programme progresses, Gabrielle says that she expects the board will need to understand what that means for the community board when it comes to how the community can have input.

The new centralised water governance structure is expected to be made up of four new publicly owned Water Service Entities (WSEs) to manage the Three Waters infrastructure that has historically been operated by local councils.

Central government has recently adopted changes that were suggested by the Three Waters Working Group which adds more representation and democracy. Regional Representative Groups (RRP) to the WSEs will have sub-RRG committees and advisory groups that will provide more accountability for each WSE board to their community.

Manu Bay Breakwall

A stakeholder meeting was held at the Town Hall Supper Room to address whether the existing Manu Bay breakwall could be upgraded to fix the safety issues of water overtopping and rocks moving over the breakwall.

The meeting was facilitated so that different stakeholder groups could present their view with the aim to find a solution that works for all the different stakeholder groups. An expert has been appointed to look at the issues and come back with advice around possible next steps.

Wi Neera Walkway

The Wi Neera Walkway and sea wall (the wall sloping down from the footpath leading up to the Papahua walk bridge) is due for an upgrade after the council completed a study looking at the deterioration of the wall structure.

Community Board members suggested to council that the scope of the work could include upgrading the footpath and adding lighting as well as addressing the erosion of the bank behind the wall.

The area is well used with the new Wainui Rd cycleway connecting to the footbridge and council are drafting a plan and some designs which they will present to the board once completed.

Raglan Wharf

Work is continuing to progress at the wharf with the tender for work expected to be awarded soon. Gabrielle says that there are some negotiations that need to be made around scope and cost but that construction should begin around July.

Pedestrian Safety

Following a member of the public raising the issue of pedestrian safety outside SuperValue Supermarket, plans are in place for some tyre stops to be installed in the parking spaces to stop cars from driving on to the footpath.

Matariki Community Event

Raglan Naturally, Whaingaroa Environment Centre and the Raglan Lions are holding a community Matariki event on Sunday 26 June. The bottom of Bow St will be closed to traffic and there will be music, stalls, fire poi, storytelling and activities for kids. If the weather is bad, the event will take place in the Town Hall.

The event will run from 4pm to 7pm and will mark the end of the inaugural Matariki Long Weekend and public holiday set for Friday 24 June.

Raglan Community Radio will be broadcasting live from the event with some of your favourite DJs so be sure to tune in at 98.1FM or raglanradio.com if you can't make it in person.

The next Raglan Community Board meeting will be held at the Town Hall Supper Room with the public forum beginning at 1.30pm.