Radioman Rodrigo

Sundays 7pm - 9pm & Thursday 3pm - 5pm

Rodrigo Hill was born in Brazil and has been living in Whaingaroa on and off for almost a decade and counting. Rodrigo was inspired by a local Mexican RCR DJ that used to play music from Latin America every Sunday night on a show called Viva la Musica.

Years after a DJ from NY city started a show around the same time from 7-9pm every Sunday night, the show was called Across 110th Street and played mostly world music. Rodrigo's show, Musical Journeys is a fusion of these pioneering Radio shows and at the same time a continuation, a way to share and pay respect to various cultural and musical movements from across the globe.

Rodrigo plays mostly African derived rhythms from West Africa, Cuba, Brazil, Latino America and beyond. Tune in almost every Sunday from 7-9pm and replaying Thursdays 3-5pm.

Check out the podcast archive for more Musical Journey's Sunday shows.

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