John Lawson – Raglan Talking to Raglan

Tuesday 6pm - 7:30pm

John Lawson - Raglan Talking to Raglan

Captain Pugwash, encouraged me to take on a radio show. It was just after the 2001 local elections. I hadn't a clue who to vote for. I realised that I wasn't alone. Only about half had voted, so I decided to find out more about what goes on here and try to tell others about it. That got me involved in all sorts of things. I now know a lot more about Whaingaroa and its politics. I hope you might join me as I find out more, or, better still, help by talking to Raglan and Whaingaroa on the show one day.

One of the challengers I found on the radio was a pronouncing Te Reo Maori. I've a way to go, but I've much improved that thanks to the Wananga, but I still find all those dials and switches confusing!

If you have news, views or would like to tell Whaingaroa about what you or your group or business are doing, please drop a note in to the radio station at the old Town Hall, or ring 825 2981 during the show, or 825 7866.

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