Cosmic Amerikana with Chico

Mondays 11:30am - 1pm

Coming from the high desert of California to Aotearoa, Cosmic Amerikana is an exploration of Gram Parson's concept of Cosmic American Music; sonically, Cosmic American Music synthesizes blues, country, gospel, rock and soul. In spirit, and in essence, it’s less about a sound and more concerned with a unified feeling.

Drawing from the mythos of a pastoral utopia and emphasizing cowboy concepts of wanderlust and individuality, its ultimate goal is far more high-minded, emphasizing togetherness above all else. Parsons himself hoped Cosmic American Music would bring “longhairs and rednecks together without bar-room brawls.”

Here, religious invocations might be understood as a shortcut to spiritual unity through a shared belief in something bigger and more beautiful than the individual. With a uniquely Californian romanticism, we're hoping to share hippie honky-tonk with the southern latitudes.  

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