Captain Pugwash – The Pugwash Show with The Captain

Tuesday 1pm 'til 4pm and repeated Saturday 1pm 'til 4pm

Captain Pugwash - The Pugwash Show with The Captain

Captain Pugwash, born a Londoner, witnessed  the Blitz as a very young lad, and was evacuated to South Wales for the last year of World War 2.

After the war he returned to London, and grew up in the 50's where the sounds in music began to take a very new direction, as life once again returned to peaceful times. His interest saw him follow many a visiting musical performer from the USA, when they played theatres in London.

The Captain arrived here in New Zealand way back in 1967, undertaking a variety of career paths (far too many to mention them all), from working on NZ railways to 'On The Road' in sales travelling for 'Nestles', Hobart Berkel, before moving into management at Smith & Brown in Victoria Street, Hamilton.

Always loving music, he was conned into becoming a DJ for Raglan Radio by his daughter, who advised a former pair of DJ's that he would help out. So here he many years later being a 'Big Fish' in a little pond and bringing a new mixed bag of music each week to the listeners. "Is there anyone out there?!!!!!!"

The Pugwash Show broadcasts each Tuesday from 1pm-4pm playing the sounds of the 50's, 60's and 70's with background "Tributes" and the music of the many entertainers, from that period. During the past years, the Captain has paid musical tributes and backgrounds to over 123 Artists & Groups on his own shows.

He gaining the nickname 'Pugwash' from a friend some years ago, when seeing him in his prized sailing dinghy, and after the cartoon character from the 70's TV show.

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The Pugwash Show is proudly sponsored by Ray White Raglan

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